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Birch is a furniture rental service aimed to help young adults save money and time. A lot of people in their twenties are not ready to settle in one location and owning furniture can get pricey and time consuming buying and reselling. Birch’s simple and streamlined business structure is quick and easy to use.  

Birch is a group project designed by Bill Chien, Lois Kang, Rita Lei, and Lori Chinn




Life service territory map that diagrams all of the important groups in life and the people, places, and things that fall under those categories.


Our group put out a Google survey to see what people hated spending time on. People hated moving the most.

birch stuff]-01.jpg

After deciding to focus on the idea of moving, we interviewed about eight different individuals ranging from early to late 20's.


The Idea


After our research process and many rounds of ideation, our group finally landed on a furniture renting business that focuses on affordability and convenience. 


The Birch Experience

Style Guide

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The logo is an abstract image of the trunk of a birch tree with more geometric angles imitating chairs. The word mark is Museo Slab stylized with rounded curves to appear more friendly. The tag line on the bottom is Museo Sans.

The icons are simple line vectors for clarity. The icons are helpful on an app seen on a phone screen. With limited space the icons help keep the experience simple.

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