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Birch is a furniture rental service aimed to help young adults save money and time. A lot of people in their twenties are not ready to settle in one location and owning furniture can get pricey and time consuming buying and reselling. Birch’s simple and streamlined business structure is quick and easy to use.  

Birch is a group project designed by Bill Chien, Lois Kang, Rita Lei, and Lori Chinn


Through interviews, questionnaires and data analysis, our group found that many middle class young adults do not enjoy the process of moving and relocating. They found it to be a stressful experience that sucked up a lot of time, money, and energy. Our group aimed to create a service that could help make these transitions smoother and cheaper for those not ready to settle in one place forever.

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The Product

Birch, the service born from the research manifested in the form of an app. The app itself would be easily accessible and free to download. Features would include AR measurements and idea generators. Every experience would be customized to fit individual's needs. Wether you're looking for help decorating or just need to save time with delivery options, Birch has you covered.


Style Guide

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The Birch logo was made to represent both the trunk of a birch tree and two abstract pieces of furniture. 

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