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Finding Lori

Finding Lori is a Lawton between 42nd and 43rd version of the game Clue. Finding Lori is a secondary education piece to my book People on Lawton. The premise of the game is to find me as I gather information for my book.

I invited the players to come to the block to find me. Players must correctly figure out which building I am in on the block, who I am interviewing, and what item I have for you as a present. The characters, items, and locations in the game are all people, places, and things you can find on the block (In 2016, some establishments have changed since then)

boad game (1 of 1).jpg
poster cards.jpg

Style Guide

The word mark is the font used in the book that the game is based on. The game is named after my story of gathering the information for my book about a block “People on Lawton”. The players of the game are looking for me in one of the buildings I wrote about and the items sold or used in each business. 


The images are all vectors made with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.

game style-12.jpg
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