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The Joy Festival

This is a visual system developed for The Joy Festival. The theme centers around celebrating life and promoting good mental health. This free three day festival aims to remind people to add happiness to their everyday life. Through different activities like drawing, dancing, meditating, and listening to encouraging speakers, the hope is that participants will unwind and tap into their creative sides. 


The design system includes bright colors, friendly fonts and hand drawn patterns to emphasize the feeling of positivity.  

pamphlet slide.png
poster slide.png
poster slide.png
pamphlet slide.png

Encouragement Walls

A main component of the festival are the interactive walls.  These walls allow people to share their stories, draw their feelings and encourage others.These walls will be in the middle area of the festival, creating a path of colorful, moveable walls. These walls will all have prompts to draw or write. They will ask you to do things like “Write what makes you smile” or “Draw your favorite food”. All of these walls combine with all of the contributed art will be a way of sharing joy to everyone around. There will be different art materials used for each wall. One wall might ask you to draw in chalk, while another will ask you to paint. Along with these walls will be volunteers passing out art supplies and explaining the purpose for people who are confused. 

Along with the art walls, there will be “Share the Joy” walls. These walls are places to attach your “Share the Joy” card to. On the pamphlet you receive when coming into the festival, there will be a perforated card attached. You are encouraged to write a joyful note on this card to attach to the wall. People are meant to put them up and take them as a way of sharing the joy with others. 

festival art walls mock up1 copy.jpg
festival art walls mock up2 copy.jpg
share joy (1 of 1).jpg
joy style-07.jpg

Style Guide

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