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Muni Meditation

Muni Meditation is a San Francisco based program developed to make wasteful time healthy. It motivates you to do stretching or deep breathing exercises while waiting for the bus. 

I am an avid user of Muni. Though convenient for getting around, Muni busses are not always the most timely or reliable. Because of this, there is always a lot of time wasted on waiting. At the same time, most adults claim to not have enough time to exercise or stretch. With our busy lives full of studying and working at desks, it is hard to find a decent chunk of time to move around and breath.

The Muni Meditation program’s main goal is to help people add a little bit of fitness into their busy lives. 



The App


App Screens


App screens for Muni bus times and the stretches you can do in that amount of time. Screens for your personal profile showing your progress and screens showing how to do stretches.


Stretch Stops


Stretch Stops will be at every Muni bus stop and underground. These stretch stops will have poster diagrams showing people how to do certain stretches.

Style Guide

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The logo is a variation of the San Francisco MUNI logo. The MM logo for Muni Meditation is the M from the MUNI logo. The SS logo for Stretch Stop is an S made from the N of the MUNI logo.

The stretches are simple line drawing illustrations that show the muscle being stretched by color. The diagrams are minimal for easy readability for quick views on the app or stretch stop posters.