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Parenting Journey Logo Redesign

Parenting Journey is a nonprofit family services organization, that works directly with families to provide strength-based, trauma-informed parent programming. For the logo redesign, they wanted to move away from the compass motif. They wanted a new logo with more of a personal, human feeling that shows they are progressive and forward thinking. The new logo should showcase a duality of soft and playful while also being respectable and a leader. The logo should be warm, welcoming and nurturing.

The three designers on this project all created and presented different logo ideas. Below is my contribution to the ideation process.

Media Cause Team 



Art Director: Ansley Luce

Designer: Maggie Rakovic, Lori Chinn



Ideation Sketches

The team had discussed using a nest motif as the starting point. The client liked the idea of the nest representing personal growth and family nurturing. Most of my initial sketches included a nest in different forms ranging from abstract to representational. 

First Round

Going off the ideation sketches, I cleaned up 4 different logos. The client and creative director had decided on the font Poppins regular to pair with the logo.

Second Round

Moving forward with logo 1 and 2, I made tweaks and variations based on client feedback. 

Parenting Journey Logo round2.jpg

Logo 1 was turned into two variations. The first variant did not change, while the second one became a simplified version with a new concept. The branch from version 1 becomes a path when the nest and bird are removed. The path motif represents the journey the parent will be going on.

The color was changed to teal to represent clarity, open communication, practical thinking and friendliness.

Parenting Journey Logo 3.jpg

Logo 2 was turned into two variations. The first variant did not change, while the second one became more focused on the nest and tree motif. The thought bubble trunk was turned into a normal tree trunk to simplify the idea.

The color was changed to darker teal green to represent growth, nature, balance and calmness.

Final Pick

Variant two of logo 1 made it to the final round of consideration. The simplicity and meaning were seen as impactful and thoughtful.