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Right Our Story

Marketing Assets

Right Our Story is a youth-led group of advocates working for a world without bullying and our campaign aims to engage our peers, tweens and teens, to elevate the issue of race-based bullying and become anti-bullying advocates and activists in their own schools and networks. 

The visual branding for this campaign is friendly with a hand drawn look and feel. Everything has a rounded look with no hard corners. These marketing assets included a bingo campaign and social media graphics. The goal was to have colorful, easy to read visuals that are eye catching and clear.

Media Cause Team 



Creative Oversight: Erica Baptiste

Designer: Lori Chinn



ROS Bingo

The Right Our Story bingo campaign's visual styling was made to feel hand drawn and hand written. The analog look makes the visuals feel more personal like a friend wrote these notes for you.

Social Media

Social media play a big part in communicating with your audience. This assortment of ads all follow the colorful, hand written rounded visual aesthetic. They are text heavy graphics that needed to be clear and concise to let the information be easily readable.