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Three Lakes Foundation
New Initiative

Three Lakes Foundation strives to be a catalyst for uniting research, industries, and philanthropy in pulmonary fibrosis to improve time to diagnosis and accelerate new therapies. Their vision is to see a world where pulmonary fibrosis can be easily diagnosed and life-giving therapies are accessible, improving quality of life for both patients and families.


Three Lakes next step towards growth was to create a new initiative that would connect and simplify the proposition to a wider range of audience. This new Initiative brand must serve many important functions and represent different things to diverse audiences including healthcare professionals, researchers, patients and caregivers.

Media Cause Team 



Account Director: Michelle Thai,

Amy Smalls, Clara Campbell

Creative Director: Ansley Luce

Designer: Lori Chinn



Our Initial Idea Spaces

Three idea spaces were created when considering all of Three Lake's main goals. The team split into three separate groups to ideate and build brands based on the different attributes. I was the designer on team Honesty.


Insight: In our research, patients expressed wishing their doctor would have had honest conversations with them—about the good and the bad. If doctors aren’t talking about things honestly with them, who do they have to turn to?

Let’s create a brand that shares an honest and open dialogue with audiences. What are struggles, what are the realities, what does the research say?


TONE: Transparent, Clear, Educational

Illumine Initiative’s  visual direction is based on light shining through a window, like a natural spotlight. The look and feel are designed to feel optimistic, bright and clear, and open and airy. The flowy line work represents light waves, breaths, air flow and wind. The lines and gradients visualize movement throughout.


Insight: When it comes to this Initiative, the trait most valued by researchers, providers, and drug developers, is collaboration. Audiences believed that success is being able to connect the disparate efforts across institutions to accelerate treatments.

The heart of what we’re creating is rooted in collaboration, but the execution can be much more creative. This idea will find less expected ways to speak to the powerful outcomes and possibilities when you bring people together.


TONE: Innovative, Inspiring, Camaraderie

co:lab’s inspiration comes from a chemical reaction, the idea that when you bring different elements together, they change and create something new. The look and feel is very much derived from the idea that as they react with each other, each element acts as a building block; an important piece of the new solution.


Insight: Patients and family often feel a lack of hope, yet everyone in this fight continues on driven by the possibilities, and for some, that’s what Three Lakes and this initiative represent.

While this is a brutal disease, let’s infuse a sense of energy and optimism into it, let’s represent the possibilities for everyone who works on or is impacted by this disease.


TONE: Encouraging, Active, Contemporary

One Breath Forward is a rallying cry to bring people together to support patients with pulmonary fibrosis. The visual direction is designed to feel active and dynamic, and represent the power that a collection of individuals have in creating progress. The central visual elements are inspired by a lung capacity graph.

Brand Executions

The three idea spaces were cut to two. Moving forward with the collaboration and possibilities concepts, the creative director finalized the branding, while I worked on the brand's website and advertisement mock ups. Collaboration became "Breathe Together" and possibilities became "One Breath Forward".