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Viveport Marketing Assets

Viveport aims to expand the world of Virtual Reality by allowing people access to an expansive array of games, apps and videos. Viveport Infinity is a subscription service that allows customers to try out hundreds of titles through an unlimited subscription service.


During my time at Viveport, I have worked on a variety of advertisements, banners, email designs, web pages, and illustrations. With each campaign, the goal was to immerse the customer in the world of virtual reality. Whether in a specifically highlighted game or bringing them into the futuristic digital realm of Viveport. Without relying on just game cover art, the idea of bringing in world building elements would set Viveport apart from other online game distribution platforms.

In House Design Team 



Creative Director: Nate Riley 

Designers: Adrian Bonifacio,

Lori Chinn, Lucy Wang



Social Media

Social media advertisements play a big part in gaining new subscribers. We produced a variety of different types of ads ranging from single and multi title releases, holiday sales, and new hardware compatibility.

Viveport Website

Our team handled all of the visuals for the Viveport website including landing page backgrounds and and array of different banners.

CRM Emails

Viveport sends many emails to update their customers on great new game releases and valuable deals.

I worked very closely with the CRM team to help deliver fun graphics and layouts for these emails. My goal was to add details from each game throughout the entire email to immerse the customer in the world of each game.